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1) warranty period starts at the time of the good’s arrival at the buyer’s place and lasts for: frame-sets 3 years, wheel-sets 2 years; small parts 1 year


2) Montecci warranties covers exclusively the manufacturing defects of its products and excludes, notably from its scope of application any damage, prejudice and generally any direct or indirect consequence which would result from bad use or failure to respect user instructions, the lack of maintenance or non-conforming use of the products.


3) Montecci  warranties does not cover parts that are subject to normal wear and tear. Wear and tear parts are subject damage as a result of normal use and riding in conditions /usage for applications other than recommended. Wear and tear parts are identified as: wheel brake pads.


4) Warranty terms for defects in workmanship or parts:


A.) The seller shall supply the buyer with lucid instructions and/or diagram

     for replacing defective parts, as well as spare parts.


B.) In the event that the defect is beyond repair, the seller shall be liable for

     the defective products, by providing the buyer reimbursements or

     replacements for the complete unit.